Wheel Care Guide

Wheel Care Guide
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Proper care and maintenance for your wheelsProper care and maintenance for your wheels

Optimize your wheels

Every tire needs the right wheel to ensure it functions properly. Proper maintenance is key to a great set of wheels. Your owner's manual is always the best resource for caring for every aspect of your vehicle, including the wheels.

Learn how to make your wheels last longer with the following wheel care tips:

Prevent winter wheel wear

Winter is one of the worst times for wheels, not just because of the damage that road salt can cause, but also because winter conditions can hide low curbs and potholes. The best option may be to have a second set of wheels for winter. Belle Tire will even clean and store your all-season tires and wheels to ensure they don't become damaged. Our convenient storing system places them in a secure, climate-controlled location until you need them again the following season.

Steel wheels may be a better option in the winter because they are less expensive. Also, they are much heavier than standard wheels which lowers the perceived center of gravity, providing additional traction which may be helpful in winter conditions.

Watch the way you wash

Using automatic car washes can be tricky when it comes to your wheels. Many of them use acid cleaners before or during the wash, and they can be very damaging to your wheels. Steel brushes can also be very damaging to your finishes. In addition, be wary of steam cleaning. Your owner's manual was created to provide you with the information you need to maximize your investment. Don't be afraid to use it.

Avoid scraping

Curbs cause more damage to your wheels than any other manmade or natural element, and curb rash is the biggest problem for drivers. Many of today's wheel designs have spokes or edges that stick out and make it easy for a curb to become your wheel's ultimate culprit. One great way to avoid this happening to your wheels is to perfect your parallel parking technique.

Protect your wheels from theft

American-made McGard Wheel Locks provide 24-hour theft protection for your wheels and tires. The unique one-piece wheel lock functions like an existing lug nut but requires a special key (tool) for removal.

McGard Wheel Locks are strong, safe, and durable and they don't rust. Plus they are easy to use, while providing a high level of wheel and tire security that meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards for safety and durability. Find a full line of McGard Wheel Locks, including locks for spare tire and tailgate mounted spares for light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles at your local Belle Tire.

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